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Early Production
  • Among several major services that EMC provides to its clients is the "Early Production Facilities Services”, especially that we had established mutual agreements with specialized companies for integrated service utilizing both parties capacities and experiences.
  • Early production facilities and fast-track production systems enable EMC’s clients to create early cash flow with minimum cash outlay. They also provide real-time production data that enables our clients to appraise reservoir performance before installing permanent facilities.
  • Such services include but not limited to:
    • Well Testing Services
    • Sand Management System
    • Down Hole Video
    • DST Services
    • Sampling
    • Metering
    • Down Hole Memory Gauges
    • TCP
  • The value gained from our staff experience is one of the basic factors of our business success. It encouraged us to create and enforce new fields of services and production to benefit of our client. The process & production skids, one of those fields.
  • Our joint venture Aibel, which supply us with the newest technology, in addition to our new fabrication certified W/SH in Suez City, qualify us to compete the main International suppliers which are specified in that field, as a major part of those skids are locally manufactured.
  • Such skids are but not limited to the follows:
    • Chemical Injection Skids (Corrosion Inhibitor, Scale Inhibitor – Demulsifier, Antifoam, Methanol, Glycol)
    • Well Head Control Skids
    • Electronic Submersible Pump Skids –ESP
    • Pumping Skids
    • Fuel Gas Skids (Filtration, Metering, Analysis, Heater)
    • Early Production Facilities (Manifold, Well Test Production, HP&LP Test Separator, Slug Catcher, Oil Stablizer)
    • Metering Skids
    • Gas Pressure Reducing Stations
    • Final Treatment for Gas Turbine
    • Launching and Receiving Traps
    • Manifold Skids
    • TEG – MEG Packages
    • Dehydration Systems Packages
    • Instrument & Service Air Packages
    • Trucks Loading Systems
    • Diesel Power Generation Packages
    • Water Treatment Packages
    • Fire Fighting Packages
Hot tapping
  • Hot tapping or pressure tapping, is the method of making a connection to existing piping or pressure vessels without the interruption of emptying that section of pipe or vessel. This means that a pipe or tank can continue to be in operation whilst maintenance is being done to it. The process is also used to drain off pressurized casing fluids.
  • We provide full range of integrated services to petroleum sector, is introducing Hot Tapping Services. A state of art machine jointly with a competent team are ready to serve our clients where & when needed.
Tube bundle puller machine
  • New sophisticated equipment specialized in handling the tube bundles of heat exchangers. The machine is 3rd unit in Egypt and 1st among specialized maintenance companies.
  • The puller is pioneer in its capacity as it is designed to handle heat exchangers Bundles up to 12 meter long, 2 meter diameter and weight up to 35 ton.
Water & Waste Water
  • we create optimal solutions for water use and re-use, delivering projects in a number of different ways, ranging from traditional Supply & Construct to Build, Own, Operate Schemes. We ensure unrivalled and cost-effective performance.
  • Our team of highly qualified professionals has an in-depth understanding of the intricate and specific technical requirements needed to offer a wide range of world-class services.
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Scope Of Work
Tube Bundle fabrication for Glycol Heat Exchange E-211
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