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Global Maintenance

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Our Global Maintenance contracts are target oriented, specifying a set of targets that have to be reached, in terms of availability, reliability, failure frequency, regularity, HSE objectives …etc, all requirements to achieve these targets are the company’s responsibilities, which are not limited to:

  • Maintenance Portfolio Management.
  • Competent skilled engineers and technicians.
  • Maintenance Tools and Requirements.
  • Maintenance Material (e.g. spare parts, consumed material, and fabricated material … etc).
  • Overhauls and turnaround activities.
  • Supporting services (scaffolding, lifting operation, insulation, painting, and NDT, equipment, etc).
  • Workshops operation activities.
  • Outsourced specialized services (third party, vendor/manufacturer representatives, subcontractors, etc).

The Global Maintenance services scope can be broaden to take account of the Maintenance Engineering stage, developing concepts, criteria, technical and commercial requirements in conceptual and acquisition phases to assure effective maintenance support of assets.

In Global Maintenance; the company has managed maintenance activities so that client’s important business objectives are materialized in an efficient approach, by compromising among all types of deployed maintenance such as;

  • Interval (Calendar/Operating hours) Maintenance (Preventive Maintenance).
  • Reactive Maintenance (Corrective Maintenance).
  • Condition Based Maintenance (Predictive Maintenance).
  • Proactive Maintenance.

The company adopts virtue modern techniques to maximize assets Productivity, Predictive maintenance for instance is utilized by monitoring key equipment parameters through:

  • Vibration Measurement and Analysis.
  • Thermography and Temperature analysis.
  • Oil Analysis.
  • Noise Analysis.
  • Pressure Analysis.
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage.
  • Acoustic Emission.

Proactive Maintenance constitutes the leverage of rationalized Global Maintenance, proactive maintenance approach are not limited to:

  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).
  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI).
  • Total Predictive Maintenance (TPM).
  • Optimal System Maintenance (OSM).

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