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Performing technical support in the operation and maintenance of:
  • Mechanical and Electrical equipment.
  • Electronic Equipment.
  • Lifting and Marine activities.
Rental activities of:
  • Gas and Diesel power generation units.
  • Pumping Packages.
  • Compression Packages.
  • Mobile cranes.
  • Waste water transportation and Treatment.
Mechanical Maintenance:
  • Diesel and gas generation overhauling.
  • Pumps, Centrifugal and Positive displacement Overhauling.
  • Gas and Air compressors overhauling.
  • Gearboxes overhauling.
Electrical &Instrumentation:
  • Rewinding and Insulation enhancement of both low & medium voltage generators and motors (AC and DC) up to 2 MVA.
  • Supply and Install new control panel for generators and engines.
  • Rewinding & Maintenance power transformers.
  • Repair engine starting motors and charging alternators.
  • Maintenance and repair of Welding machines, welding transformer and Air compressors.
  • Supply, Install and start-up for synchronizing panels and switchgear.
Electronic lab:
  • Repair / Fabrication of Electronic Cards (Single & Multi Layers).
  • Modification of Electronic Circuits to be Adequate to some applications.
Rental Equipment :
  • Generators Variable rates (250 kw to 2Mw)
  • Cranes (30 ton to 500 ton)
  • Trucks, baskets & forklifts
  • Man lifters and scissors
  • Loaders and graders (earth moving)
  • Pumps and compressors.
  • Welding Machines.
  • Load Bank rental for Turbine test.
Roving Team, Providing 24/7 Services:
  • The roving team working on call service for maintenance agreements.
  • The scope of works for these agreements includes inspection, troubleshooting, repairing and overhauling works for power generators (Gas & Diesel), industrial engines, compressors, earth moving equipment and pumps.
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