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Training Services

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EMC Provides a wide selection of training programs & Certified courses that may suite the clients' expectations, specialized in:

  • Management
  • Technical
  • Safety
  • Inspection

Training Services are Available For EMC Staff & clients

Training services are provided at:

  • EMC head quarter.
  • Equipped center.
  • Areas.
  • Workshops (Simulation).
  • Outside location.
  • At the clients' premises.
  • Other places up to request.

EMC training center prepares an annual training plan according to the training required to its employees in line with their title level and job nature to cop with the world's development of business and to insure the best productivity to fulfill our customers demands.

On the other hand, there is a customized annual updated published training plan prepared by specialists for customers containing numerous topics in all majors of business. Its announced in this plan the fixed projected dates of execution from January to December, unless the customer has special requests in dates that may recommend to arrange a tailored course. (For minimum 4-5 persons request).

2019 training plan targeted the learning growth in the different strategic aspects such as:

  • Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) by 137,129 hours of training.
  • Technical Excellence by 13,380 hours of training.
  • Quality & Strategic Performance by 8,104 hours of training.
  • Certified Tests by 2,316 hours of training.

The Training Hours Increased from 13,1516 Hours in 2018 to 16,5235 Hours in 2019 by increasing percentage of 26%.

The Number of Employees attended the Training Courses also increased from 2,620 Employees in 2018 to 4,510 Employees in 2019 by increasing rate of 72%

For Further Details :

  • Address: 20, Ninety St. City Admin. Center New Cairo.
  • Phone: +202 26 189 999
  • Fax: +202 26 189 888
  • Email:

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