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Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
  • As a part of static equipment mechanical integrity, EMC provides Risk Based Inspection (RBI) planning services through its own software EMC-RBI and other international software according to codes and standards.
  • The purposes of RBI include:
    • To move away from time based inspection governed by minimum compliance with rules, regulations and standards for inspection.
    • To apply a strategy of doing what is needed for safe­guarding integrity and improving reliability and avail­ability of the unit by planning and executing those inspections that are needed.
    • To provide economic benefits such as fewer inspections, shorter shutdowns, longer run length, and less frequent shutdowns.
    • To safeguard integrity.
Traditional NDT:
  • Gamma & X-Ray Radiography [RT].
  • Ultrasonic Inspection [UT].
  • Magnetic Particle Testing [MT].
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing [PT].
  • Visual Inspection [VT].
  • Holiday Inspection.
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment [PWHT].
  • Hardness Testing.
  • Positive Alloy Material Identification [PMI].
Non destructive testing services
  • EMC has all NDT devices and human resources with extensive experience who are capable of performing complex types of Non Destructive Testing such as:
    • Ultrasonic Testing "UT".
    • Dye Penetrant Testing "PT".
    • Magnetic Particle Testing "MT".
    • Visual Inspection Testing "VT".
    • Radiographic Testing “RT”.
Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM):
  • EMC has its own qualified staff to apply Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) methodology at different plants of Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals.
  • EMC also has its own Software EMC-RCM which throw it can not only ranking equipment according to its criticality which depends on expected failures probability and consequences on safety and process, but also recommend the most suitable maintenance strategy to mitigate this consequences of failure.
  • EMC-RCM methodology is aiming to achieve the most reduction in maintenance costs and reducing recurring failures.
Advanced NDT :
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage for Tanks [MFL].
  • Pulsed Eddy Current [PEC].
  • Long Range Ultrasonic Testing [LRUT].
  • Phased Array and TOFD Ultrasonic Inspection.
  • Tube Inspection – Acoustic Eye, ECT, IRIS, RFET & MFL.
  • Thermograph.
  • Vacuum Box Testing.
  • Cobra Scan.
Corrosion Management & Monitoring:
  • EMC has its own qualified personnel to perform all corrosion monitoring activities, where corrosion monitoring is one of the basic functions required for safe and efficient industrial operations.
  • Corrosion monitoring techniques can help in several ways:
    • Providing an early warning that damaging process conditions exist which may result in a corrosion-induced failure.
    • Studying the correlation of changes in process parameters and their effect on system corrosively.
    • Diagnosing a particular corrosion problem, identifying its cause and the rate controlling parameters, such as pressure, temperature, ph, flow rate, etc…
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of a corrosion control/prevention technique such as chemical inhibition and the determination of optimal applications.
    • Providing management information relating to the maintenance requirements and ongoing condition of plant.
Cathodic Protection:
  • We can take your project from initial site survey and design through to installation, commissioning and testing. CP team offers the following services:
    • Feasibility, Economic Studies & Site Investigations.
    • Consultancy, Specialist Advice & Training.
    • Planning, Project Designs, Project Management.
    • Materials Supply, Installation, Supervision & Commissioning.
    • Cost Estimates, Specifications & Bills of Materials.
Special Services:
  • Qualify any fabrication workshop to obtain ASME stamp.
  • Prepare & issue all QC documents related to projects or maintenance services such as: QCP, inspection isometric drawing, procedure, etc...
  • Preparation all welding documents such as: WPS, PQR, WPQ, etc...
  • Pressure Safety Valve [PSV] online testing and repair.
On Condition Monitoring (OCM):
  • Predictive maintenance cannot be achieved without well qualified, certified and experienced CM staffs, fully equipped with devices that enable them provide high caliber service for our Clients Synopsis of the Asset Integrity CM Team.

Platform IMR Program "Inspection, Maintenance, Repair" & Survey Activities:
  • Inspection & Survey :
    • Pipeline inspection (UT, GVI, CVI, CPM, Pipeline Assessment).
    • Internal pipeline inspection by tethered tool - weld & pipe scan.
    • NDT inspection for vertical structures & risers.
    • Inspect painting condition.
    • Pipeline survey (Side scan, Pipe tracker, Sub bottom profiler).
  • Maintenance & Repair :
    • Installing free span supports under pipe lines.
    • Debris removal.
    • Installing clamps & anodes for steel structure & pipelines.
    • Splash zone coating repair & maintenance.
    • Supply, cladding hot & cold insulation.
    • Underwater Cutting & welding.
    • Decommissioning services.
    • Nitrogen purging.
    • Electrical and Instrument work.
    • Pre commissioning and commissioning services.

Offshore Maintenance & Inspection Activities for Pipelines:
  • Pipeline as Built Survey.
  • Pipeline Inspection (W.M, C.P.M, Pipeline Assistant).
  • Pipeline Free Span Supports.
  • Pipeline Replacement and repair.

Offshore Survey and Remotely operative vehicle (ROV) activities:
  • ROV Survey Activities:
    • ROV Inspection (Pipelines, platforms, wellheads).
    • ROV Cable Lay Support.
    • Touch down monitoring.
    • Leak repairs.
    • Clamps installation.
    • Risers inspection.
    • Intervention Activities.
    • ROV Drilling Support.
    • Construction Support.
  • Offshore Positioning and Anchor handling Activities:
    • Marine Positioning.
    • Jack Up and semi sub Rig Moves.
    • Anchor Positioning Semi-Sub Rig moves and Barges moves.
    • Vessels positioning.
    • Positioning support for mooring DSV.
  • Hydrographic, Geophysical and geotechnical Survey Activities:
    • Bathymetric Survey.
    • Site survey.
    • Route survey.
    • Rig Moves.
    • Pipeline/ cable pre-lay survey.
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