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  • EMC pre-commissioning teams are disciplined based (Mechanical, Electrical, Instrument, Piping, etc) and supervise and implement the pre–commissioning activities for each disciplined. The team leaders may be nominated on-site and are responsible for implementing the pre-commissioning activities as per pre-commissioning plan and ensuring their disciplined documentation requirements are fulfilled.
  • A main part of EMC's activities is undertaking turnkey pre-commissioning and commissioning projects, or partial contribution with other contractors as per the Client requirements. Whatever the case, we have the technology, our own quality software CTS (Commissioning Tracking System) and the experience to complete our assignments to the expectation of Clients.
Shut down:
  • EMC has its dedicated shutdown team that masters the unique and specific nature of shutdown and turn around activities, this leads to reducing the preparation time, collecting historical information, retaining this information for future reference and optimizing the resources utilization.
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